The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 23 – Rachael is Picked Up

A new chapter of the Recruiting Matter is now up  – Chapter 23 – Rachael is Picked Up – Rachael Weiz is invited to dinner and discussion by Millicent. After initial reluctance, she agrees to attend. John O’Malley also joins and they discuss who else is getting recruited.

Starting with this chapter, I included other points of view besides Jason and Millicent. At one point I had considered doing a full background chapter on each but thought that would make the story too long without a whole lot of value add.  This is the first of three chapters from Rachael’s point of view.  I have found her a fascinating character – life hasn’t treated her fair and she is bitter about it; her father had the same unfairness but has made his peace; she is reluctant to agree partly because of this bitterness, partly because she doesn’t not want to lose her father,  but also because of a fundamental fear of failure.  This chapter includes an action scene. This still my weakness in writing.

In writing news, as I have said, this is the first of three chapters and I should be able to get these published quickly.  I am still writing the final climax although it is much farther along.  I have some tough decisions ahead about what happens. I am also starting to scope out a second story with ideas.  While nothing is firm, I am pulling together the conflicts and challenges characters will be facing.

September has been a big month for me with more view than any previous month. I am still far short of one blogger I follow who got 1000 views in a day.  Oscar Hokaeh who recently wrote an excellent article on Native American Interpersonal Relations. Oscar has some excellent essays and life views on being “Native American” and I have learned a great deal over the past few months reading his views.  That he is getting readership is an excellent thing and for anyone in the US or other country that has oppressed indigenous peoples in history, his work helps break our complacency.

Meanwhile  I can hope someday to get 1000 views in a day. I can also hope for peace in the Middle East, a more just world, and a really good dish of linguine and clam sauce.

Thanks for your support.


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