The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 21 – Millicent Helps Old Friends at The University

A new chapter is out for The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 22 – Millicent Helps Old Friends at The University – Millicent arrives at the University. Miranda is distraught. The Dean is distracted. Smith has visited and forced them to reveal information. Millicent and the Dean consider what this all means.

This is the second half of the rewritten chapter I had mentioned before. This chapter was the content of the original. Millicent comes to the office and finds Smith has come to the office and upset Miranda and the Dean. It was the first time I introduced new technology.  As I wrote, I put more new technology in and those chapters got published first.  This chapter became more and more out date and out of context. The bones of it are still there, but I added things (Winifred and Neville make an appearance) and I made the visit more menacing.

On other fronts, I am almost done with prepping the next section for my long suffering editor. We had disagreements over the current published chapter (we managed to communicate the differences and I tried to fix the problem). I technology issues after my edits and there may be a small delay in the chapters. I may make them “sub chapters” because they are all from the same character, but I want to break up the 30 pages (sighs of relief heard around the world). I am still …slowly… working …on the climax chapter. Action has begun. Sadly the train arrived and I had to walk to work.

Thanks for your support.



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