The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 21 – Millicent helps old friends at the cafe

A new chapter in the Recruiting Matter is posted. Chapter 21 – Millicent Helps Old Friends at The Cafe – Millicent arrives at the cafe with inoculations. She provides some updates to Abigail which disturbs her.

This is the first half of the chapter that I whole rewrote. This portion was not in the original. Later Abigail plays a key scene with the new recruits. I had to figure out a way to invite Abigail.  Millicent also had to protect them with inoculations. My willingness to “drop everything and start over” is apparently a sign that I take my writing seriously enough that I am willing to cut material I am not satisfied with (or so I have been told).  As a part of the rewrite process, I needed to look at some of my original handwriting which was in book 1 (out of 8 or 9 so far). So clearly the chapter was very early in my writing skills and process. The dialog was good, but it’s position in the story was wrong. Millicent’s tone at this point was wrong.  The Professor and Miranda’s tone were wrong. The repairs were becoming so extensive, it became easier just to start over. I hope you like the new chapter.

I have a second half proofed which I will get out this week. I have finally given up on “Last Page” link. I have finally accepted the WordPress advice of “don’t link them to the last page”. I still think it is a good practice, but I have been updating it manually and at this point I am updating close to 30 pages with each new chapter. Something had to give.

I have joined the Writing 101 challenge. Although we’ll see how that works with a full time job; this story; a pretty hefty volunteer schedule; and managing to stay connected with my significant other.

Recommended music for Abigail – “She” by Jen Foster

Recommended music for Athena – “Ribbons Undone” by Tori Amos

Thanks for your support.


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