The Recruiting Matter – “Thanks for your time. Please hold while we….”

The Recruiting Matter – “Thanks for your time. Please hold while we….”

For those of you that are following The Recruiting Matter and might be wondering where the next chapter is, I have encountered a couple of problems that probably hit all new writers. Firstly, The next logical chapter made no sense when I started reviewing it.  In fact, calling my reviewing the next chapter “reviewing” seems to ignore that all that remains of the original chapter are the characters and the settings.  To use analogy from home remodeling and real estate, I have gutted the story to the studs and I am rebuilding it back up. The timing in the story was all wrong. Millicent’s tone was all wrong. It was missing transition. So I am about 3/4 done with the rewrite on that. In the mean time, the chapter after that disaster looks much and is ready to start the proofing process – but it is thirty pages long. (I will be breaking it into three stories lest any of you decided that I finally fallen off the cliff into a canyon of hubris).  Whatever my intent, proofing 30 pages (14,000 words) is daunting especially with my habit of starting at the beginning each go round.  (True- I get farther with each attempt. But it is rather like trying to climb a rather large sand dune in which one makes little forward progress despite significant effort).  Finally, my writing really has three working fronts: proofing before publishing; typing my copy; and writing my copy.  As far as writing my copy, I have just about broken through my writers block, but it is still slow going (two or three hand written pages here or there).

If some of you have some how managed to keep up with my writing and find too much time on your hands.  I have some recommendations that I’ll link back to.

Sci Fi Saga – Much shorter reads, great characters

The Road to Bluehorse – Shorter reads than mine, great science and tense plot

Afterlife – Longer reads (though not as long as my tome), complex plot and great twists

I hope to have one or two more blog reviews up soon.

Thanks for you support.


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