The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 20 – Introduction Made

A new chapter in The Recruiting Matter is up  – Chapter 20 Introductions are made. Liam and Millicent return to the Eagle Wharf Warehouse.  Charles and Liam spend some quality time together while Liam’s nanotechnology is checked. Millicent outfits Liam was defenses and we find out a bit of Charles history.

The is the second part of the previous Millicent chapter that I split into two chapters.  Recognizing the burden I might be putting on my readers in having a 20 page chapter, I split it. This is the larger half at 5800 words.  However there is a fair amount of dialog between Charles and Liam which is always lively.  I got a “laugh out loud” from my long suffering editor (look for a remark involving cheese).

More of you are actually reading the darn thing – which is great! I have over 50 views this month on my blog and it isn’t even the 10th.  I am currently writing the last chapter and I am switching styles significantly. I have been having writers block around the last chapter and the new style is helping to break the log jam.  The next chapters I am editing are from the point of view of a new character. I am hoping to have one of those up this week.  Lots is happening.

Recommended music for Liam – “Baba O’Reily” by “The Who”

As always, thanks for your support.


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