The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 19 – Jason and Stephan Install the Water Heater and View the Past

A new chapter in the The Recruiting Matter is up. Chapter 19 – Jason and Stephan Install the Water Heater and View the Past is now available. The water heater is hung with a bit of fan fare. Over a bit of whiskey, Jason and Stephan take a look at the object they retrieved from the ruins of the house. The information is simultaneously encouraging and discouraging.

The water heater goes up. Afterwards, Jason tells Stephan he wants to look at the strange piece they picked up the previous day. Stephan reveals more about his past and what he knows.  The piece reveals more than might be expected, but is short on hope.

More ties to the prologue are added in this story. There were surprisingly few edits in this section. I wrote this as a part of the previous Jason chapter and it was just too darn long.  This chapter is a relatively svelte 3300 words.  I am thinking of submitting some of my chapters to #longreads, but I haven’t yet to figure out how to submit pages (rather than blogs).

My long suffering editor and I had a fascinating discussion over what she has been doing.  She decided that if I was going to be serious about this whole writing thing, she ought to look into to be a serious editor since I don’t seem to be willing to employ a real one. After reading a bit from a book in the library, she decided that she is somewhere above a “proof reader” and a little below a “copy editor”.  She checks for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors (proof reading). She does a bit of looking for clarity and consistency in naming and position (copy editing). The book was a little weak on what an “Editor” would do in her situation (it was targeted at non-fiction).  I suggested that an editor might read the story and might red flag places where I haven’t been true to the character, or that I haven’t properly motivated a character to do something, or beat me around the head over my wildly unrealistic time frame, or laugh at some of my unrealistically  educated minor characters (e.g. Felicity or Candace).  As the writer, I am pretty heavily aware of where the story weaknesses are.  In some ways, this is a draft. After I get this beast up, I may go back and work on tuning some of those glaring flaws (to me) and see if I can tighten the story up a bit in those matters.

I have another chapter proofed and ready for posting.  I am currently suffering from a bad case of writers block on the last chapter.  I am writing but it doesn’t feel like it is flowing.  Ah well… it’s happened before and it will happen again. I need to remember what my wife said – “Remember – it’s just a hobby.”

Thanks for the support

Recommended song for Jason – “Whispers and Ashes” by Dead Sara


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