The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 18 – Millicent Discusses History

A new chapter in The Recruiting Matter is up – Chapter 18 – Millicent Discusses History.  After meeting with Eleanor Woodson, Millicent and Liam have lunch at a pub. Millicent explains the job of a Finder. Liam manages not to laugh.  Following lunch they go to meet the courier. However, others are waiting for the courier as well.

Millicent explains a great deal about how her business works.  Liam also shows he has more interests than Millicent had anticipated. This chapter is actually the first part of one I wrote that broke nicely into two separate chapters. There isn’t as much action, but a lot of background about Millicent is provided.

Last month I managed over 100 views for the second month in a row! July I may have cheated a bit by saying how close I was on the 31st which resulted in a boost. August was probably a bit more honest.  I have 42 followers which is also exciting. It is hard to imagine how I might get over 1000 followers but I have only been at this for a bit over three months so I will learn patience. I am starting the short month of September with a bang. In addition to this chapter, I have not one, but two more chapters edited and ready to add.  I am trying hard not to notice that I am getting ahead of readers. I also another “Influencing Author” article percolating in my mind. There are several Series for me to choose from to review as well.  So I am hoping to break 100 views three months in a row.

Thanks for your support.


2 thoughts on “The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 18 – Millicent Discusses History

  1. So much to look forward to here, Syd. As you suggested, it’s about baby steps and good pacing with the blogging, and 42 is a great number. I don’t think I achieved that until 5-6 months maybe. “Influencing Author” post, I’m ready for you, as well as more chapters! (BTW, have started reading Fahrenheit 451. Such a bang of a beginning. “It was a pleasure to burn.”)


  2. Got a chuckle from your comment about Fahrenheit 451. And 42 is a great number…(The meaning of life, the Universe …and Everything!) I am learning about the pacing. There is someone I follow who does three to five articles (I mean articles!) a day. Realistically, I need to find a rhythm on putting stuff out. I am still a bit haphazard in my timing.


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