A Job Offer

I have published a new short story on The Finder’s Saga – A Job Offer.

This was the initial story that started the Recruiting Matter.  My original story only went as far as the first heading.  I decided I wanted to finish it up a bit and post it. The bones of the Recruiting Matter can be seen: Jason working on a “down in his luck job”, a better one coming along, and a sarcastic computer.

In looking at the history, I wrote the initial paragraphs which I thought looked pretty good. But I needed to figure out where to go from him finding out he isn’t in Berkeley anymore. When I started outline plot ideas, I thought it might be fun to set it back in time a bit and I ended up in Victorian times. And I find the 1860s in England far more interesting (as far as science goes) than America.

As seems to be typical, my concept of “short story” is a bit shaky. It is 3800 words.  I remember in high school thinking 500 was a lot. This hasn’t been passed under the eyes of my long suffering editor and it probably isn’t as good as a result. But something fresher seemed in order.

Thank you for your support.


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