The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 17- Jason and Stephan Test the Water Heater

A new chapter is up for the The Recruiting Matter: Chapter 17 – Jason and Stephan Test the Water Heater.  A great deal more happens. Jason and Stephan go to Jason’s house and Stephan walks him through the ruins.  Some new evidence is found that may explain what happened that night 20 years ago.

This was another long chapter. It had a natural break so I have broken it into two. My long suffering editor agreed with the break. She also did a very good job of cleaning up some my paragraph “geography” when multiple people were involved. An interesting problem arose in the opening paragraph in that I was using wire leads and lead solder and it started getting confusing which lead I was talking about.  I tried to fix that up a bit.

So what kind of emotions would a person feel when they returned to a home they hadn’t seen since they were three?  I can’t imagine attachment or loss. But there might be something – a feeling of “what might have been”.  It was an emotional chapter write at times. And my editor enjoyed it (but she likes Jason chapters more). Let me know what you think.

thanks for your support.


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