The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 16- Millicent and Eleanor Negotiate

A new chapter of the Recruiting Matter is up – Chapter 16 – Millicent and Eleanor Negotiate.  Millicent returns to the Woodson Furniture factory and finalizes her contract with the Senior Woodson. She is allowed to meet with Eleanor. During that time she administers the nanotechnology serum and goes over the details of the contract with Eleanor.

This is  a shorter chapter and I was given few edits than previous chapters.  The dialog in this feels very sharp and Eleanor has some challenging decisions to make.

Writing the story is progressing well after a bit of a dry spell. I am in the middle of writing an action sequence which is a new thing for me.  I find I have to take breaks because I become confused about where things will go. Which (in an odd sort of way) makes sense in a true action event – things happen so quickly we don’t know what to do next. That might be real life, but it isn’t good writing so I writing in sprints.


Thanks for you continued support.


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