The Recruiting Matter – Interlude 3 – Smith Deals with Interference

The Recruiting Matter – Interlude 3 – Smith Deals with Interference is now available for reading.  John Smith starts receiving requests to review contracts. This complicates matters greatly and he has to accelerate his means of managing his candidates.  His methods are not delicate.

Another entry in the villain’s log and I worked really hard to make Smith properly evil in this chapter. My long suffering editor believes this chapter is not suitable for younger readers and she is probably right.  Smith and Stanhope show their cruel natures. I introduce Smith’s computer. Initially, I found Camille a bit bland. Prior to handing it over for editing, I tried to “punch her up” a bit. She has a bit more personality now. I significantly cut material and the chapter is still long.  I am trying to find good breaks for my chapters where possible.

I am getting a few more readers now which is exciting. I have started considering how I might publish this as a whole, but that is months off at the rate I am loading chapters. Currently I am writing the chapter or chapters that lead to the climatic scene.

Thanks for your support, Syd


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