The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 15 – Jason Finds Some Notebooks

A new chapter in the Recruiting Matter is posted – Chapter 15 -Jason Finds Some Notebooks.  Jason has been working several days with Stephan on the water heater. On a break, he stumbles upon some old laboratory notebooks and finds some astonishing information. His relationship with Stephan is severely challenged and he discovers more about his parents.

This is a pivotal chapter in the Jason story arc.  Finally we start tying to story back into the prologue.  Stephan’s secrets are revealed. And even some of the motivations of people like Millicent and John Smith are discussed.  Those of you who may have felt that the Jason arc was a bit of a slog will start being rewarded for perseverance in this chapter.

My long suffering editor did not have nearly as many edits in this chapter as the last. Jason is her favorite character so she thought this is the best chapter yet.  It is one of the long chapters.  I am realizing I ask a lot of my readers in these long chapters.  To be honest, I am not quite sure how to fix that just yet. I like dialog. I like description. I like continuity.  It is a complex story. All of which is another way to paraphrase Ben Franklin’s “If I had had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.”

A note on navigation. I asked the forms about how to make the navigation dynamic and there was no joy. What I want to do can’t be done in “” and probably can’t be done in “”. I asked another site how they managed navigation across 1000+ pages and they are hosted elsewhere and have an application handle that.  I will stay with WordPress.  My helper did (with a smiley) suggest that maybe I shouldn’t provide “Last” as a navigation. After all – why would I want my readers to jump to the end of the story? He has a point.

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