The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 14 Millicent and Liam Come to an Agreement

A new chapter of the Recruiting Matter is available – Chapter 14  – Millicent and Liam come to an agreement. The day starts after Michael didn’t sign because of his fiancée.  Millicent already in a bad mood, sees John Smith in the hotel café.  She and Liam make a scamper. Liam has some ideas on how the relationship should change. A lively discussion ensues with an agreement of a sorts being reached.

My long suffering editor had a fair number of comments. The first one was “You have too many John’s!”. The Maitre’D in the hotel was originally named John – which gave me John Smith, John O’Mally Sr, John O’Mally Jr, and John at the Cow and Pig. Authors should recognize good advice – I changed the name. In my defense, I lack imagination in the names department.  She also felt that Millicent was a bit hard on poor Liam. In her defense, she prefers Jason who she find more relatable. For those who like Millicent’s spunky confrontational attitude. You will enjoy this chapter. Liam certainly didn’t.


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