Afterlife by dirtyforeigner

Why am I doing this?

I started publishing the chapters in May. As a consequence, I was introduced to the world of WordPress writing. And it is a big world.  I have been reading online stuff for a while during lunch and this has turned out to be a perfect place to find great new literature.  I would like to publicize some of the stories I have found entertaining. If you like my writing, you make like some of the things I am recommending. I also would like to build up the Sci Fi independent writers community a bit. Those of us who are posting serials could use a little help.  And finally, I will admit it is a bit of shameless self-promotion. It is one more reason for you (gentle reader) to stop by my blog.

Afterlife synopsis

Afterlife is a series science fiction that is being published by dirtyforeigner.  The author started his/her work about the same time that I started my publishing and currently has 9 chapters in place.

Classical music buffs will understand this reference and the rest of you can skip it. The opening reminds me of a movement from Beethoven’s 6th symphony.  The movement opens with an idyllic scene reminding one of farmers tilling the fields and calmer times. Then tension in the music builds as a storm gathers and then suddenly all hell as breaking loose as brass based lightning strikes and strings lash our idyll scene with wind and sheets of rain. The opening chapter begins with a scene on an agrarian based planet. Humans are working their farms and living the life bucolic – and then with no warning or mercy they are brutally attacked and every one dies. But that is not the end of the story. A group of people arrives following the attack and does investigation and a salvage of a sorts and that is where the story really takes off.  I can’t say more or I will take away some of the fun of reading this.

The opening chapters can leave one scratching one’s head about why things happen and what are the motivations of anyone in the story. I will admit I found it maddeningly frustrating.  But by chapter three, I was fully hooked. Reasons become clearer. The motivations and emotions that drive us all come to the fore. There is someone out there and they aren’t nice.

The writing is tight and the descriptions are detailed and fun to read. The main plot twist itself is new and fun to play with.  There are allusions to more that will be revealed in the story with each chapter even as information is provided. Dirtyforeigner has made the galaxy a rich enough place that a lot can happen over the future chapters. There are alien species friendly and evil. There secret organizations that are feared but protect us. There new weapons and technologies. There is plenty to keep this story going for a while. I will also note that the navigation has improved significantly recently making it easier to find the early chapters for newbies (a pet peeve of mine). (Side note: Series authors that publish in blogs and not pages should try to get to the first chapter of their series).

In conversation, I believe that dirtyforeigner said that he/she was more comfortable with action scenes.  Certainly in chapters 1 and 2 that is apparent. But dirtyforeigner does attend to that messy business of emotions with the characters and adds some real confusion, conflict and frustration as the story evolves.  I won’t criticize the opening – it works. And if you’ve read my prologue, you are problem wonder what that has to do with any of the following story. Dirtyforeigner brought together much quicker than I am.  As I said, by chapter 3 I was fully hooked – I want to know what happens next and have made it through chapter six.

So for those who like their Sci Fi action packed and full of surprises, Afterlife is the story for you.


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