The Recruting Matter – Chapter 13 – Jason and Stephan build a water heater

A new chapter is complete – Jason and Stephan build a water heater. Having left his home in difficult circumstances, Jason is now living at the Pig and Cow. Stephan, knowing Jason’s training starts working with Jason to properly design and build a water heater.  Jason enjoys the work  but discovers that Stephan knows a great deal more than he lets on and that Stephan has some secrets he wants to keep hidden.

This one is a bit shorter than some of my other chapters. On the surface, it doesn’t move the story forward much. But it sets up an essential conflict in the next Jason chapter.  For the next chapter to make sense, I had to finish this one. My editor also suggested I add a sketch. I am not real skillful at sketching, I don’t have a chalk board and my Photo Pro skills are a bit wanting and I had too much tea this morning for breakfast so the sketch is …well ….sketchy.  Fortunately, Jason and Stephan do better work than me when it comes to drafting.

The story had 100 views in July. Whoo Hoo! And more people are getting further into the story which is even better.  I am working a bit on looking around at fellow authors work and have seen some good stuff. I am going to try and do a bit of cross-promotion to let people know about some of the good stories I am reading.  I updated my about section as well. Careful readers will find out an interesting fact or two about how the story started.  Thanks for your support and comments.




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