The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 12 Millicent Meets an Architect (part 2)

A new chapter is now available  – Millicent Meets an Architect (part 2). Millicent finally meets Michael Richards at a pub. After fending off some unwanted advances, she makes some very convincing demonstrations and Michael is impressed. (Something that isn’t easy to do).  But there is a complication and things are never as easy as she could wish.

I am now up to 19 pages in this site. I have published 15 chapters. What that means is that every time I add a new chapter, I need to go back to the old chapters (15 and growing) and update the navigation bar. I am convinced there has to be a better way to do this, but it escapes me at the moment.  I have also taken to reading other WordPress literature during lunch and making comments and likes.  My goal was to have a chapter people could read at lunch time. I require a great deal more from you – gentle reader, than other authors.  Where the chapters I am reading seem to be in the 1400 word zone, some of my chapters have exceed 5000.  I apologize and I do try to break things up when I can. Hence this chapter being in two parts. It broke apart nicely that way and Millicent got some cool outfits that will be fun to wear at a later date. Anyway thanks for the continued reading and support. Let me know which chapters are better (I know I have my favorites).


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