The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 11 Millicent Meets an Architect

I have posted a new chapter in the Recruiting Matter – Millicent Meets an Architect.  Following her efforts with Eleanor, she is moving on to a recruit who works as a footman. But things are not so easy. On recommendation of Liam, she decides to meet Michael after work in a pub. Since her dresses were so badly damaged the day before, she decides to go shopping and gets some specialty wear.

As I noted in a previous entry, this chapter has been a challenge to edit. For whatever reason, I was very sloppy on typing, a bit sloppy on references, and really needed to rework dialogs. I may have been in a coffee shop and feeling a bit rushed.  The upside was that my long suffering editor had fewer changes to this chapter.  I have also chosen to split this chapter to make life a bit easier on my reader. I am guessing that 15 pages of text is a bit unfair to expect all but the most dedicated to read.  I will publish the second part later this week.

I have also made some dialog updates to Chapter 10. I wasn’t entirely convinced by the dialog between Eleanor and Millicent. I added a bit more and offered a bit more reason for Eleanor to leave.


Let me know what you think

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