The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 10 added

The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 10 – Millicent Finds Another Candidate and Some Furniture is now posted. After her stop at Stepney, she heads over to mid town where she stops in a furniture store. Eleanor Woodson is a first rate engineer in aeronautics, but she is also the daughter of a man with old world values.  Can Millicent convince Eleanor to leave and how will Millicent get her out of the factory?

The story is on a roll now.  Millicent is meeting her candidates and finding new challenges at each stop.  Assuming Eleanor survives the story (and there is some doubt at the moment), I will get to write more about airships and flying.  Sadly, I am finding the visits to the pages slowing down a bit. I suppose that is to be expected – it is summer and vacation here in the US and the northern hemisphere.  And I haven’t built a devoted fan base. However, I will learn patience in this process. Besides, when I started I said it was because I wanted to write something not because I wanted to be read. But now that some have, I have to admit I rather enjoy and look forward to the comments.

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