The Recruiting Matter: Interlude 2 – John Smith Finds Some Candidates

I have added a chapter to the Recruiting Matter. John  Smith Finds Some Candidates. Millicent’s competitor begins the signing of his candidates. Smith is not above using manipulation and prevarication to get his candidates to sign. By the arcane rules of the Guild, once a person has signed, the commitment is final. My villain is striving to be more villainous. A bit of writing effort on my part. My long suffering editor made me change the name of one of the butlers. When she read “Jeeves”, the big, red letters said “REALLY?”, and proclaimed I absolutely could not use such a derivative name. She probably has better taste than me.  I introduce the other candidates. Most are “guileless” as Smith delightfully figured out. Winifred Stanhope, on the other hand, is full of guile and some less conventional tastes.  I think she will figure big in later climax scenes.

Thanks for the comments and support.

Syd Dent


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