The Recruiting Matter: Chapter 9 – The Search Begins – a new chapter.

A new chapter is in place. The Search Begins – Millicent starts her search for her candidates.  She meets up with a cabby who has been helpful before and travels to Stepney district in London – the East End. There she meets two of her five candidates and they have their own challenges to meet.

This was an early chapter was it was fun to write. Stepney is East End London and home to the ever famous Cockney accent.  So I had to put a bit o’ rhyming slang for some fun. Stepney has long been a place that immigrants go and still is home to a large immigrant population. It was also home to ship works, light industry, and a fair bit of crime. Millicent probably was a bit incautious in venturing there. But she is not your average person.

I’ve two more chapters coming up involving introductions. Unlike Smith, she seems to have the most difficult time getting her candidates to commit.  Apparently honest presentation and representation of conditions makes a harder sell and prevarication and manipulation.  I have appreciated all the comments so far and look forward to seeing feed back on this. I have one piece of artwork. I am hoping to see more good Steam Punk pictures I can incorporate into my writing.


Let me know what you think

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