The Recruiting Matter – Jason Starts a Project

A new chapter in the Recruiting Matter is now up for viewing. Jason Starts a Project. Jason has a significant conflict with his guardians and ends up leaving the place he has called home for as long as he can remember. However, as a consequence he learns more about his parents and who they were. 

This story and what follows makes Jason’s life far more interesting (I doubt he is happy about living in such interesting times). I have a book on writing that suggests that one should put one’s characters through challenges and then more challenges. Well, this one is a tough one for Jason. This was also tough to write because it cuts to the core of many “parent-child” relationships  – “you never understood me.” What child or parent hasn’t felt that horribly unfair thought?

I am working on getting pieces queued up for a more regular release. My long suffering editor made some excellent suggestions on this one for clarity and age consistency. The next chapter uses some Cockney slang and she’s isn’t quite sure she understands what I am writing. So undoubtedly improvements will be made. As for writing, I have an extensive chapter now with John Smith and have managed to make him very unpleasant man. But that does make Millicent’s efforts more meaningful.

Please feel free to leave feedback and suggestions on the story pages.


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