Jason and the Walk Home -The Recruiting Matter

Chapter 7 has arrived. It is still the night at the pub and Jason walks home.  This was my first try at a bit of action. My long suffering editor found her teeth and had me redo that section significantly. It reads a bit more believably now.  Read it here  – Jason and the Walk Home. In this chapter, I researched a bit about bicycles. Did you know that the first bike was invented around 1814? Or that the French started mass producing something that looked like a bike in 1858? It wasn’t really much of a bike, it was more like a sit down scooter but they were quite the rage. The large wheel bicycles also started showing up at this time and were also quite popular to the point that some cities started banning them as dangerous.  In my world, I picture my “messenger runners” using this contraptions to get around – they are quick and cheaper than a horse.

If I am being honest, I am finding my later writing better.  This chapter is OK, but the previous chapter on Millicent’s meeting of Smith’s recruits was more descriptive, the dialog better, and the action a bit more thought out. The biggest problem I have is that it is much more detailed. I write what I believe is a chapter and it is 18,000 words.  Far more than is reasonable to inflict on any reader. Nobody’s lunch is that long. The editing process on those will probably be far more editing and less about consistency and believability.

I have a fair amount of stuff yet to come. I was on vacation in Southern Utah and got a lot of writing done in addition to seeing some of the most amazing scenery on Earth. I may post a blog or two on my travels in an unrelated matter.


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