New Chapter Added – Millicent Meets the Other’s Candidates

A new chapter is up on the website: Millicent Meets the Other’s Candidates.  This was originally 20 pages long. My long suffering editor suggested I find a natural break and turn it into two chapters. I am sure it was good advice. Even I can see that 10 pages is far more digestible than 20. The down side is that the second part ends up being back loaded with more action. There is a bit of action in this chapter. Plus we introduce a new character in meeting Charles – the ship. We actually meet a second new character, but he will be a bit more fleshed out in the next part.

By my length, one can tell this chapter sort of got away from me. I had fun writing about Charles and then fun with the thugs and then more fun with the opponents candidate and then more fun…You get the picture. By the end I had a third of my spiral bound notebook filled and when I typed it up it was really long.

One last thing. Several have complained they couldn’t find the story. I have worked on improving navigation in the posts and in the chapters themselves so that someone can go from this post to the chapter. Once they are in the chapter, they can start at the beginning or navigate to a table of contents.


Let me know what you think

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