New Chapter Added – Jason has a night a the Pub

A new chapter was added: Jason has a night at the pub.  We find out a bit about some of Jason’s difficulties with life and a bit about life in a pub after hours.

My long suffering editor required a bit more rework on this chapter. I had some consistency issues about tables occupied. She was also a bit confused about “who was who” in the table scene. I tried to fix those issues. She also was bothered that Jason believed his parents died. Those of you who have read the prologue know different.  But Jason doesn’t! This chapter was written long before the prologue and at the time I was going to leave his parents disappearance/death a mystery. But the prologue helped me solidify what actually happened in my mind as well lay a bit of ground work for some future adventure. However, Jason remains in the dark about his parents travails. Future chapters will shed light on this.

My long suffering editor liked how I made John’s life a bit of a mystery. When I told her that I hadn’t done anything with that, there was annoyance, outrage, and a bit of “what are you thinking?” She offered the very good advice that John might be a “fellow traveler”  in Millicent recruits. I think it is a great idea but it means I am going to have to rework entire later chapters.

My editor has also noted (rightly) that finding the story is a bit challenging. I am providing links to the chapters in relevant postings now


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