I finished writing another chapter. Jason and Millicent meet face to face and it doesn’t start well. My process is that I hand write the story in a notebook and then periodically get those into computer format. Then my long suffering spouse will read the missive and give comments and corrections. Only then to I move it onto the website.

However, having finished a significant chapter, I am now trying something new – writing from the point of view of a villain. I am told by my writing reference on Steam Punk that I need a monster. The reference really wants a real monster, but is willing to settle for a human with monstrous behavior. Up to this point, I have only inferred just how awful John Smith is. Now I am trying to write as him.

This is new and not all that easy. I am not really the villainous type. Consequently, I am finding the writing going slow and not always enjoying it as much as I did other chapters. But like broccoli and kale, it’s good for me. I need to focus on just how bad I want my bad guy to be.

So let me know if you have any good advice for writing as a villain. In the mean time, I am trying to channel all the anger and frustration I have over long waits on help lines, people who cut me off on the freeway, and web advertisements for things I have not interest in


2 thoughts on “Villians!

  1. Three cheers for going “low-tech” on the early part of the writing process. 🙂 I write in notebooks, too, then take to the computer and hope my equally long-suffering spouse has time to read some of the stuff before I post it. And sometimes I just let ‘er fly (or crash, as the case might be). I’m eager to get up to speed reading The Finder’s Saga and other writing on your site as this week goes on. In the meantime, happy writing!


  2. I am finding that doing it by hand first forces an edit/revision before I hand it over to my long suffering editor. As villains do not come easily for me, I have been doing a significant rewrite prior to it being viewed by someone else. As my extremely supportive spouse doesn’t really care for Sci Fi, I have been extra cautious about handing over something to read (no need to make the effort harder for my reader). Thanks for the support.


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